Álvaro Magdaleno González

Short CV

Researcher in training, hired through the FPU grant program of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Despite his short career, he has actively collaborated in various research projects, being the author of three articles in high-impact journals and of numerous contributions to both national and international conferences. ORCID link:
Some of the publications can be found on ResearchGate:


Teacher in training. Coordinator of laboratory practices of "Elasticity and Resistance of Materials I" and of "Industrial Structures and Constructions", third and fourth year subjects of the Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Co-tutor of End of Degree Projects with several of his colleagues from the Department.


Active lines of work:

  • Dynamic identification techniques of slender structures.
  • Simulation by Finite Elements and by dynamically reduced models similar.
  • Monitoring of structures for temporary or continuous auscultation.
  • Evaluation of the Service Limit State in vibrations.
  • Sizing of passive vibration cancellation devices (TMDs).