Research lines

ITAP is characterized by its multidisciplinarity within the field of industrial engineering. However, three main areas of investigation can be established:

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Robotics and medical engineering:

  • Hospital engineering
  • Social and welfare robotics
  • Robotics for rehabilitation
  • Medical robotics
  • Computer perception and vision

Participant groups:

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Complex systems modeling:

  • Advanced controllers in process industries.
  • Lean structure modeling and model calibration (static, modal and dynamic)
  • Smart Structures and SHM (Structural Health Monitoring).
  • Obtaining models that combine physiological signals to predict health problems.
  • Development of assistance systems for functional rehabilitation.
  • Predictive systems in clinical pathologies (prediction of the risk of rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysms, ...)
  • Complex systems and optimization
  • Analysis and Diagnosis of Electrical Installations and Networks

Participant groups:

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Environmental technologies and energy:

  • Power distribution and its quality
  • Residential indoor hygrothermal conditioning
  • Photocatalysis processes and combination with membrane technology for water treatment.
  • Development of bioreactors and waste co-digestion processes.
  • Biomass as an energy source. Revaluation of waste. Energy crops.
  • Energetic certification
  • Energy diversification

Participant groups: