Integrated analysis and prognosis of human-induced vibrations in structures

Funded by: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the European Regional Development Fund

Coordinated project: University of Valladolid and Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Subproject 1: Polytechnic University of Madrid. Main researcher: Enrique Alarcón Álvarez.

Subproject 2: University of Valladolid. Main researcher: Antolín Lorenzana Ibán

Duration: 2015 to 2017


Create a real database of different pedestrian actions (jump, walk, run, ...)
Model each of these actions by incorporating it into computational methods for simulation.
Assess, in the design stage of the structure, its susceptibility to vibrate under pedestrian action.
Assess, at the structure design stage, the real improvement when vibration mitigation systems (TMD) are incorporated.

Excitation by bouncing

In the middle of bay 2 of the footbridge of the Science Museum, Valladolid

Pedestrian flow

Synchronized group crossing the Pedro Gómez Bosque footbridge, Valladolid

Modular TMD on the Duero Route

Tests to improve the response of the wooden walkway to pedestrian traffic.

TMD at the Balearic Stadium Catwalk

Installation of a 1 ton moving mass TMD.

TMD in the ETSII / UPM gymnasium floor

Tuning and performance evaluation against resonant transits.