Proposal for an intelligent “augmented” SHM system applied to slender structures

Funded by: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the European Regional Development Fund

University of Valladolid. Main researcher: Antolín Lorenzana Ibán

Duration: 2019 to 2022


Development of systems for the intelligent monitoring of structural health.
Tracing of own modes, extracting dependence on environmental and occupancy conditions.
Identification in high occupancy conditions.

Sensorization using gauges

Sticking gauges on the Pedro Gómez Bosque Footbridge, Valladolid.

Provisional sensoring of the Pedro Gómez Bosque Footbridge, Valladolid.

The footbridge also has its own permanent monitoring system.

Acquisition testing using myRIO

Wood Structures and Technology Research Group.

Intelligent monitoring conceptual scheme

Including count of occupants.

High occupancy conditions

Possibility of synchronization between pedestrians.

Demonstrator: Multi-configurable walkable platform

The video shows the design and prototyping process of the 13.5 m long, 900 kg mass platform installed in the structures laboratory.